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Side Events

NCA in partnership with Women in Real Estate (WIRE) will host a side event themed “Levelling the Playing Field for a Sustainable, Innovative and Resilient Construction Industry”. The event will include a keynote presentation, a panel discussion from thought leaders and a plenary session. The session brings together local and international delegates who will engage in thought provoking discussions, and face-to-face networking sessions geared at inspiring change.


  1. To discuss means for accelerating the uptake and scaling up of identified approaches on leveling the playfield.
  2. To establish practical ways for up-scaling initiatives for more women participation in construction industry activities.
  3. To explore opportunities for improving inclusivity in the construction industry

Women in Construction side-event features

  1. Keynote address from Ms. Eva Muraya
  2. WIRE led panel discussion
  3. Plenary  Session


With CoVID-19 related interruptions, adaptations to make construction business resilient have spurred numerous locally relevant digital solutions. These will be showcased and discussed in ICoRCE 2022 side event 2 under the theme “Embracing Digital Solutions to Enhance Project Implementation in Post-Covid Era”

The Authority has partnered with various companies offering a broad range of digital solutions for construction. This side event brings together trail blazers in digital construction. It gives you first hand access to current technological innovations in the subject, and an opportunity for face-to-face interaction.


  1. To explore opportunities to utilize locally available digital solutions for business resilience.
  2. To increase and strengthen awareness on the subject of digital construction.
  3. To discuss how to facilitate the upscaling and adaptation of digital solutions relevant to the construction industry.
  4. Explore opportunities to enhance innovation climate for digital construction in Kenya.

Digital construction side-event features

  1. Keynote address from Huawei and Autodesk
  2. Panel discussion
  3. Plenary  session


Back ground Information

Nakuru County is the recipient of the most recent City Status in Kenya. There are three other cities Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu chartered by the government of Kenya. Under the Urban and Cities Act, the law prescribes requirements for establishment and chartering a new city. With the advent of devolution in Kenya, many urban areas have drastically enhanced
infrastructure and economic activities that warrant elevation to city status.
The questions remain, is there a restriction on the number of cities a country can have? What are the legal prescriptions in regard to proximity between cities? Does elevating an urban area automatically enhance its economic status? These among other questions ring in populace more especially in the construction industry.

This session provides a mixed forum of professionals, scholars, government officials, contractors and investors who will be keen to understand the opportunities poised by elevation of Nakuru to city status.