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About ICoRCE

About ICoRCE

The International Construction Research Conference and Exhibition (ICoRCE) is the National Construction Authority’s biennial flagship programme. ICoRCE   plays an important role in the growth and development of research in the construction industry. ICoRCE previously ACoRCE was conceptualized in 2015 from which the first event dubbed ACoRCE 2015 was convened at KICC, Nairobi.

ICoRCE is anchored on the strategic need for the Authority to foster research and its dissemination in the construction industry in Kenya. This program was identified as the surest way through which the Authority could implement and monitor the execution of the National Construction Research Agenda (NaCRA) as published and launched by the Board in 2014.2014. The second edition of NaCRA (2020-2024) was launched in 15th June 2021 comprising of 8 thematic areas that provide a guideline for more researches.

This program provides a forum for the presentation of ideas on method and theory; a setting for delivery of current research data; a venue for caucuses, workshops, roundtables, and symposia on technical, social, or political issues; an opportunity for public education; and a place to socialize with one’s colleagues. Each of these elements contributes to the vitality of the field through the dissemination and exchange of information and personal networking.

The main aim of ICoRCE conference is to build and continue a research culture for construction practioners in Kenya.

The ICoRCE legacy includes the cultivation of ongoing partnerships in the country bringing together all the disciplines (contractors, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, environmentalists, financiers, developers etc.) that work together more effectively when interwoven to create a strong construction system. Working in many languages, across cultures, utilizing emerging technology and by remaining flexible ICoRCE helps in creating new policies and solutions for the challenges in the industry.

ICoRCE Objectives

The main objective of ICoRCE conference is to build and continue a research culture for construction practitioners in Kenya.

Specific objectives for ICoRCE include to;

  1. Provide a national platform for the dissemination of research information in the construction industry
  2. Collect important information and concepts that will guide NCA’s contribution to the development of the construction industry
  3. Provide a platform for promoting businesses in the local construction industry
  4. Profile Kenya as a center of excellence in the construction business in Africa
  5. Develop and promote the research and innovation culture in the construction industry in Kenya
  6. Offer a platform for the Authority to engage with high-level industry stakeholders in demonstrating the value the Authority is offering to the economy
  7. Yield commercialization opportunities for the Authority through a research journal

ICoRCE History